What are Genius Challenges?

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Introduced in January of 2023, Genius Challenges serve as long-term events in the Facebook group that encourage members to participate in daily well-being activities for intentional growth.

Each Challenge lasts a few weeks at a time and is designed to help you achieve deeper self-reflection through intentional daily exercises and thought-provoking discussion.

To participate during these events, simply show up in the Facebook group every day to discover your new daily challenge: a prompt, question, task, or short exercise that supports your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.

Genius Challenges cover different themes to serve all aspects of your life such as relationships, spirituality, work and finance, self-love and confidence, and so on.

The intention behind these events is that members will experience quick and practical growth through simple, creative, and convenient practices.

See below for the full schedule of past and future Challenges:




June 19 - 29 2023

The Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude, Awareness, Attitude of Gratitude

February 1 – 21 2023

The Love Challenge

Love, Relationships, Self-Compassion

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