What is Live Your Passion, Build an Income and how can I join?

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Jay Shetty’s Live Your Passion, Build an Income is a comprehensive program designed to help you build a sustainable income through pursuing your greater purpose and passions. 

This is an action-focused, step-by-step program that students complete in their own time and at their own pace.

What does this program give you?
  • 18 lessons (6 hours total) of training with Jay Shetty
  • 25 personal development workshops
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with the Jay Shetty Team
  • The Founder’s Box: 50+ Business Tools to transform your career
  • Your very own study group
  • One year access to the Private Community & Learning App 
  • 24/7 admin and tech support via live chat
Plus, right now you’ll get this exclusive bonus:
  • 12 Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Jay Shetty
What will you gain because of Live Your Passion, Build an Income?
  • The ability to overcome mental and financial blocks. 
  • A reliable source of income doing what you're passionate about.
  • A successful business plan aligned to your values and goals.
  • A new awareness of your unique talents and strengths. 
  • A finished website, business model, and complete sales strategy.
  • Business funnels to predict your customer journey and the ability to create free traffic to your website.

To see if you’re ready to join Jay Shetty's Live Your Passion, Build an Income please attend our free 30 minutes Masterclass:

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