The app didn’t count my meditation today. What should I do?

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Building a daily meditation practice is essential. Meditation is a proven way to help you release anxiety and elevate well-being.

To help you create a consistent and dedicated practice, the Genius App logs your daily meditations and tracks your progress. 

The app counts your meditations automatically after you do any of the following, online or offline:

  1. Watch a full Workshop
  2. Watch a full Meditation

To keep count of your meditation streaks, all you have to do is meditate with Jay daily inside the app.

If you miss a day of meditation, your meditation count will reset to zero. There is no way to avoid this except to consistently meditate inside the app every day.

However, missing a daily meditation will never affect your Total Meditations, which the app also counts.

If you have any further questions about Meditation Streaks, please contact the Genius support team by clicking Contact Support in the top right corner of this page.

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