Why was my post declined?

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Genius is a safe, loving, and respectful space. In order to maintain this environment, community guidelines are in place to help keep the discussion feed intentional and growth oriented.

If a post is declined, a notification is sent with, if possible, suggestions of any edits that can be made so the post is within the guidelines and can be resubmitted and approved. There will also be an invitation to message the Genius Community Manager who will be able to answer questions, provide a copy of the text from the post, and explain in detail why the post was not approved.

Here are the community guidelines:

1. All posts should be Genius and growth related.

We encourage full participation in the community. Share your workshop notes, growth stories, relevant questions, and ideas that come from Genius.

2. Be a conscious change-maker.

Genius is a safe, respectful and growth-driven community. Post less about what you’re struggling with and more about what you’re becoming. Focusing on the positive helps you lean into the growth mindset.

3. Participate on your own terms.

Join any Workshop, any time, anywhere. The Genius App makes it easy. You don’t need to read every post or “catch up” with anything. You choose how you spend your Genius time.

4. Genius is a safe space.

Trust is an integral part of Genius. What’s shared in the group stays in the group. Sending unsolicited friend requests and inviting members to join subgroups –including WhatsApp and Messenger groups – is not allowed.

5. Keep Genius focused.

Image quotes, memes, external videos, IG handles, links, articles, events, live videos, texts from Jay, and birthday posts are not allowed. All videos should be 3 minutes or less. Any form of self-promotion or marketing is not permitted.

6. Image quotes and Reshares.

To keep this space filled with purposeful growth posts, posting image quotes as well as resharing pages/videos is not allowed. Images with quotes made by you with your name (no IG handle) are allowed if you reference this within your written post.

7. Looking for an Accountability Partner?

To find a partner, go to the Units section of the Facebook group. Choose the area of your life you want to work on, and look for available Accountability Partners in the comments section. For more information, please visit Genius Help and Support.

8. Genius Meetups

Genius Meetups are a safe environment for members to meet in person with one another and share their learnings and experience. To find out more, please send a PM to Genius Community Manager.

9. Private coaching is not allowed.

Members come to experience coaching with Jay Shetty. Posts offering or implying coaching services are not allowed. Any form of self-promotion or marketing is not permitted.

10. How to get in touch.

For inquiries relating to your membership, please visit Genius Help and Support. For community help, contact the Genius Community Manager via private message.

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