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Jay Shetty’s Social Media Growth is a comprehensive program training the next generation of professional content creators. Join now to learn how you can build your brand, grow a platform, and create world-class content.

Social Media Growth allows you to:

  • Understand your brand identity and target audience. 
  • Create the content you feel passionate about.
  • Master the art of writing, creating, and repurposing content. 
  • Build an engaged audience and platform.
  • Turn your your social media into passive income streams.

A glimpse into the curriculum:

  • Module 1: Your Mission, Brand, and Audience

How to align your brand and mission with your audience to grow fast and authentically on all social platforms.

  • Module 2: Content Creation

How to create content that is engaging, addictive, and that your audience loves to share with others.

  • Module 3: Harnessing the Power of Emotions

How to create effective captions, headlines, and thumbnails that increase views, likes, followers, and subscribers.

  • Module 4: Becoming a Prolific Producer

How to never run out of high-quality content that your audience will love.

  • Module 5: Social Media Alchemist

How to be on the good side of the algorithm on all platforms so that your content is shown to a wider audience.

  • Module 6: Growing Your Social Following While Getting Paid

How to expand your network to facilitate massive growth quickly and convert followers into customers without being scammy.

Ready to learn how to become a content creator?

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