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How do I submit a post to the Facebook Group?

To share your thoughts with the Genius Community, submit a post. Here's how.


Why was my post declined?

Genius is a safe, loving, and respectful space. In order to maintain this environment, community guidelines are in place to monitor posts. Access Genius group guidelines here.


Why haven't I been approved for the Facebook Group?

If you've successfully paid for your Genius membership but haven't yet been approved for the Genius Facebook group, it's likely that the name you are using for your Facebook account differs from the name you are registered with for Genius. This delays the approval process.


What are the Genius Facebook Group Community Guidelines?

So we can keep the Genius Facebook Group a safe and respectful space for everyone, and the discussion intentional and growth related, we ask that all posts and comments are kept within these few guidelines.


What are Genius Challenges?

Introduced in January of 2023, Genius Challenges serve as long-term events in the Facebook group that encourage members to participate in daily well-being activities for intentional growth. Each Chal…

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