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Genius App 1.8

April 22, 2021

Download the app for iOS here.

Download the app for Android here.

What's New
  • Improved meditation experience
    • Meditation Streaks now take all Workshops into account. Whether you meditate inside a Workshop or an individual Genius meditation, the app tracks it. 
  • Design optimizations
    • Written notes are marked with a special yellow dot for easy organization. 
    • Completed Workshops and Meditations will appear with a small check mark. 
    • Live Workshops are newly redesigned for an enhanced experience.

Genius App 1.4

February 1st, 2021

Download the app for iOS here.

Download the app for Android here.

What's New
  • Improved meditation experience: 
    • The redesigned meditation screen enhances navigation and user experience.
    • New filters make it easy to select meditations based on Category, Time Length, and Favorites. Only have five minutes to spare? Search for meditations under five minutes in length.
    • See what’s popular on the app with Featured and Trending Meditations.
    • Keep track of how many consecutive days you’ve meditated.
  • Workshop & Meditation additions: Previously unreleased courses and meditations have been added to the workshop collection.
Bug Fixes
  • Download optimizations: All download activity will now be saved to a device even if a user experiences a disruption in internet connection.

Genius App 1.3

December 22, 2020

Download the app for iOS here.

Download the app for Android here.

What's New
  • The Daily Well-Being Check: Our latest feature lets you track your emotional wellness every day by choosing from 13 different moods. Locate the Daily Well-Being Check on the home screen, set your daily mood, and view a breakdown of your emotional wellness over a period of 7 to 30 days. The Daily Well-Being Check also sends you notifications every morning that gently remind you to check in, take care, and keep going.
  • Push Notifications: Optimized push notifications sent to you are always personalized, intentional, and serve a defined purpose. Daily Well-Being notifications are designed to uplift you, Meditation Reminders steer you in the direction of reflection and stillness, and Progress Notifications for both workshops and meditations inform you of your well-being accomplishments. What's more, new Genius Journeys push notifications keep you up to date with your current growth journey.
  • Technical Support is now readily accessible with a new Help Center button.
Bug Fixes
  • A new button was added to Settings, allowing you to easily edit personal details, passwords, and log out.
  • The Log In screen's verification codes were removed due to technical issues.
  • Tapping on a Meditation Reminder push notification now redirects you to the Meditations Page.
  • A few issues with Meditation Streaks were optimized and fixed.
  • Performance upgrades were made to the video player, resulting in optimized video quality and experience.

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